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Annual Fund Management

A variety of cost-effective programs are available that make the professional expertise of BGW Development team available to you.

Capital Campaign Management

BGW Development has a team of campaign management personnel that can help you succeed in this vital endeavor.

Pre-Campaign Feasibility Study

Our team can conduct a preliminary Assessment of your campaign readiness, the amount of money you might raise, and help you to organize for success.

Strategic Planning Retreats

Gathering a team of organizational leaders and board members can be a wonderful way to plan to create a strategic plan for your organization.

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Our Core Service

We specialize in consulting services for fundraising, campaign management and strategic planning.

We Do Our Best

We specialize in consulting services for fundraising.

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Our Goal

We look forward to maintain long-term relationships with those we serve.

If you want to work with someone who will be with you every step of the way, who is consistently available, who seeks every day to be on the cutting edge of the rapid changes that are occurring almost daily, who is responsive, and who is "open-handed" in freely sharing new approaches to old problems.

We invite you to join our global family.

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